Planning your next birthday party

Hey, I’m Suzy and I’m here to help you with your upcoming birthday party. Whether it be for a friend or family member, this article will provide you with creative ideas and advice on how to plan a successful event.  

Think of me as your personal party planner today!

Birthdays are a special time in life, and parents often think of the best way to celebrate their child’s birthday. Children enjoy celebrating, and they have fun with friends.

Most people spend time planning parties for their children when they get older. They become old enough to have them go out with friends or invite their parents to come over for dinner. Parents always enjoy this because it gives them quality time together as well.

Let’s start with the basics.

1) Decide who you are inviting to the event

2) Decide where the party will be held

3) Plan the type of food that you would like to serve (optional)

4) Obtain party supplies (decorations, tablecloths, plates, etc.) and so on.

5) Plan activities for your guests such as a scavenger hunt or game of basketball outside. Have fun!

6) Find a photographer to take pictures for your guests! Take some too!

7) Now it’s time to plan your budget! Set up a list for everything you need and want. Additionally, make sure to include the expenses your guests will incur.

Is the birthday party for a child? A young adult? or an adult?

Planning the birthday for a child

If it’s for a child, then consider the following steps:

Assess the child’s interests and get some ideas. For example, is this a boy or girl? Does he or she love music? Sports? Animals? Toys? Younger children may enjoy a birthday party theme with their favorite licensed characters such as Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or Toy Story. Older children may like to plan their own parties!

To make the planning process easier, try to stick with a favorite theme and have the decorations match from start to finish. This will keep your child excited about the celebration!

When deciding on invitations I would suggest going to your local party store and speaking with one of the staff members about invitations.

Planning a birthday for a young adult

If it’s for a person over the age of 13, then you’ll want to be prepared to pay some extra money. This is mostly related to some outdoor activities you might consider doing. For example, you could rent a carousel, water rides, or ride the roller coasters.

Planning a party for an adult

If it’s for an adult of any age, then you’ll want to have a specific theme in mind! The person celebrating his birthday will want to dress up or do something out of the ordinary! Don’t worry about planning every detail! You can always change the details of your party based on your budget at the time you are ready to begin planning. 

Financial planning

The major expense is the food and decorations. You’ll have to purchase all of these things, and you may have some leftovers. It is possible to cut costs by preparing party food from your own pantry and spending less on decorations, but this is often not practical in many families.

Your budget will differ depending on how much you want to spend on individual items or how much you want something fancier.

Happy planning and good luck! 

Reasons for visiting Hudson River Park

If you’re a New York City resident or a tourist and want to experience something a bit different, why not take a boat cruise through one of New York City’s largest parks? The Hudson River Park is the perfect setting for an outing that brings together the boating community with nature at its most natural.

The park was established in the 1930s, when the first section was opened, and features two main sections. The outer park is a large lake that is open to boating on two large sections, the East Waterfront Pier and the West Waterfront Pier. The park has an area that is ideal for camping, fishing, and more, so anyone can enjoy a great time while relaxing at the park. On the East Waterfront, you’ll find an impressive pier, as well as beautiful landscaping with a waterfall and more.

Several activities to do

The second section of Hudson River Park, on the West Waterfront, features three large sections. The Central Park pier offers a large pier and lots of facilities, including boathouses, fishing, a skating rink, and a concession stand for food vendors. It also includes a boathouse for your personal watercraft rental.

The Central Park Pier features a lot of activities, including fishing, boating, hiking, basketball courts, and more. Many local residents and tourists alike enjoy the large variety of activities available, including walking around the central park to enjoy the sights and sounds, as well as taking in the amazing views of Manhattan.

When you visit the park, you might be surprised to learn that the best things to do at Hudson River Park aren’t actually located in the park itself. For example, the West Waterfront is home to a restaurant that serves lunch, dinner, and drinks. The Central Park pier also offers a variety of entertainment, such as tennis, volleyball, and kiddie pools. The park has several restaurants and cafes, and an aquarium to relax at during the summer.

The West Waterfront is the main attraction of the entire park, and is home to a restaurant that serves lunch, dinner, and beverages. The Central Park pier is home to several restaurants, bars, and cafes, and many water activities, such as water skiing, water sports, and more. The park also features a boathouse for your own private watercraft rental.

Where to start?

If you have never visited this park before, the Central Park pier and the West Waterfront are great places to start. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, then it might be a good idea to get to know the different attractions in Hudson River Park before heading to the park itself. Many people come back year after year, just to explore the waterway, especially the Central Park Pier.

The best things to do at Hudson River Park are plentiful and varied, and it’s easy to see why many people come back year after year. You’ll have a great time and find a reason to keep coming back! While there aren’t really many great things to do at the parks, there are many things you can do to relax, and you can always come back again the next year to experience even more of what Hudson River Park has to offer.

When to visit?

If you want to visit the waterfront during the spring, summer, or fall, the West Waterfront is where you’ll want to head. There are plenty of water sports and activities to enjoy, including water skiing, water-skiing, sailing, and more. Other activities include boat rides, canoeing, hiking, and fishing.

In addition to all of the great water activities, the West Waterfront is also home to many shops, restaurants, and cafes. Most people will find the Central Park pier to be the more popular area. This is because it’s closer to New York City, and a better way to experience the downtown nightlife.

If you plan to spend your vacation at Hudson River Park, or any of the other local attractions located on the Hudson River, then you will be amazed at the variety of fun and entertainment available. If you want to enjoy the entire area while at the same time, you will want to make sure you take some time to enjoy Hudson River Park. There are many fun activities to do, and plenty of great things to do at Hudson River Park while you’re there.

Carousel 62 – Get ready for some great family time!

Pier 62 Carousel is the centerpiece of Hudson River Park’s open space at Pier 62 in New York City. Embellished with 33 hand-carved wood animal numbers belonging to the area, the signature carousel sporting activities a “living” environment-friendly roofing that guards revelers against the sun as well as permits youngsters to try about under a rainbow of gleaming LED lights and lively music from a modern sound system.

Visit for a day as well as watch your kids smile from ear-to-ear as they ride upon harbor seals, sea steeds, environment-friendly turtles, black bear cubs, butterfly unicorns and also dozens of various other animals. Take pleasure in freshly prepared food, treats and a series of distinct gifts, games as well as uniqueness. Or, even better, enliven your kid’s next birthday celebration with a special carousel birthday party.

The carousel structure opens onto Hudson River Park’s Pier 62 and also 63, a waterfront heaven of greater than 9 acres of turf, trees, gardens and also the magnificent Hudson River.

Birthday Parties at The Carousel

Celebrate your child’s next birthday with sunshine, harbor seals, sea horses, black bear cubs, green turtles, butterfly unicorns, rabbits and dozens of other animals at the new Pier 62 Carousel.
Treat your child to the magic of a waterfront carousel birthday party!

Food & Gifts

  • Refreshments: An assortment of freshly prepared food, snacks and beverages are available for purchase.
  • Gifts: Our specialty gift, activity and novelty cart offers a range of items, from t-shirts to cuddly stuffed animals and kites to jump ropes.

Rules & Regulations

  • All riders must be at least 42 inches tall to ride alone. Riders under 42 inches must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older
  • Supervising adults of children under 42 inches must stand next to the animal and hold on to the child
  • Hold on to pole with both hands
  • No riding backwards, side saddle or standing on an animal
  • Every passenger must exit the carousel after each ride
  • All riders must have a ticket. Supervising adult accompanying child under 42 inches may ride for free
  • Maximum weight for riding animals is 250 lbs.
  • Remain seated until the carousel comes to a full stop – do not jump on or off the moving carousel
  • No food, drinks, gum, balloons or smoking on carousel
  • Only one rider per animal
  • No changing seats or walking on the carousel during operation
  • No bare feet or wet clothing
  • Do not hang personal belongings on the animals
  • Do not run, push, shove or throw anything from or towards the carousel