Planning your next birthday party

Hey, I’m Suzy and I’m here to help you with your upcoming birthday party. Whether it be for a friend or family member, this article will provide you with creative ideas and advice on how to plan a successful event.  

Think of me as your personal party planner today!

Birthdays are a special time in life, and parents often think of the best way to celebrate their child’s birthday. Children enjoy celebrating, and they have fun with friends.

Most people spend time planning parties for their children when they get older. They become old enough to have them go out with friends or invite their parents to come over for dinner. Parents always enjoy this because it gives them quality time together as well.

Let’s start with the basics.

1) Decide who you are inviting to the event

2) Decide where the party will be held

3) Plan the type of food that you would like to serve (optional)

4) Obtain party supplies (decorations, tablecloths, plates, etc.) and so on.

5) Plan activities for your guests such as a scavenger hunt or game of basketball outside. Have fun!

6) Find a photographer to take pictures for your guests! Take some too!

7) Now it’s time to plan your budget! Set up a list for everything you need and want. Additionally, make sure to include the expenses your guests will incur.

Is the birthday party for a child? A young adult? or an adult?

Planning the birthday for a child

If it’s for a child, then consider the following steps:

Assess the child’s interests and get some ideas. For example, is this a boy or girl? Does he or she love music? Sports? Animals? Toys? Younger children may enjoy a birthday party theme with their favorite licensed characters such as Disney Princess, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or Toy Story. Older children may like to plan their own parties!

To make the planning process easier, try to stick with a favorite theme and have the decorations match from start to finish. This will keep your child excited about the celebration!

When deciding on invitations I would suggest going to your local party store and speaking with one of the staff members about invitations.

Planning a birthday for a young adult

If it’s for a person over the age of 13, then you’ll want to be prepared to pay some extra money. This is mostly related to some outdoor activities you might consider doing. For example, you could rent a carousel, water rides, or ride the roller coasters.

Planning a party for an adult

If it’s for an adult of any age, then you’ll want to have a specific theme in mind! The person celebrating his birthday will want to dress up or do something out of the ordinary! Don’t worry about planning every detail! You can always change the details of your party based on your budget at the time you are ready to begin planning. 

Financial planning

The major expense is the food and decorations. You’ll have to purchase all of these things, and you may have some leftovers. It is possible to cut costs by preparing party food from your own pantry and spending less on decorations, but this is often not practical in many families.

Your budget will differ depending on how much you want to spend on individual items or how much you want something fancier.

Happy planning and good luck!