The City With The Most Carousels In The World!

New York is not only known for being one of the most populated cities in the United States, nor for the curious fact of being the city in the world where more incest porn is consumed (I know it’s weird but true).

The city of the big apple is also the city with the most carousels in the world! A paradise for those of us who don’t need big amusement parks with huge roller coasters to have a good time, just getting on a horse and riding around is more than enough!

Here family fun has no limits and we are going to offer you a free tour of the 5 best carousels that New York City has to offer:

1- B&B Carousel – Brookyln:

It was originally built in 1906, however it has only been part of the iconic Brooklyn amusement park since 1930.

Brookyln Carousel

This magical piece of fun, its beauty and charms are the centerpiece of Steeplechase Plaza and classic Luna Park!

2- Bug Carousel – Bronx:

As the name implies this is a large carousel where all our favorite insects make an appearance, including a beautiful praying mantis, a grasshopper and a large beetle!

Bronx carousel

This park is inserted inside the iconic Bronx Zoo, so if you’re visiting with your kids it’s a must stop to enjoy this marvel and bring a big smile to the whole family.

3- Carousel for all childern – Staten Island:

It is located in the famous Willowbrook Park and its features make it a perfect Victorian-style carousel that took its first fun ride in 1999.

Staten Island carousel

It has approximately 50 figures carved in wood, in the shape of mythical beasts, endangered species and the most traditional carousel horses.

4- Friedsam Memorial Carousel – Manhattan:

Of course we could not forget this famous piece located in the heart of central park and it is that approximately 250,000 people get on it every year!

Manhattan carousel

Not many know it, but this is the fourth carousel that is located in this space, two of them were destroyed by fires, while the oldest was replaced by being driven by a real horse.

5- Forest Park Carousel – Queens:

As its name suggests, this magnificent piece is located within the 544 hectares that make up the majestic Forest Park. It was carved in 1903 by the hands of Daniel Carl Muller himself, making it not only an amusement mechanism but also a work of art!

Queens carousel

Today carousels are still part of the landscape of our parks, keeping intact the flavor and experience of past decades.

So, if you have the chance to go to New York, don’t forget to visit some of these beautiful pieces and remember those past times where everything was fun!